Othello Blues revisited

Trying to republish my revised version of Othello Blues which came out in a limited edition in the late 90s and received a very favorable critical reception.

Out of print and rewritten, Othello Blues is a speculative novel set “20 minutes into the future,” with attention paid to a kind of syncopated rhythm, in which the Othello gang — Othello, Iago, Cassio, Desdemona — have been turned into blues musicians in a broken world resembling this one. Lots of blues lyrics that I’ve conceived and, though following the original Othello trajectory, easy to read.

The Circuitous Route to Publication

A curious thing happened. The publication of OD was to happen January, 2012, but has been delayed. Eckhard Gerdes, writer and editor of Journal of Experimental Fiction, is going to re-format and publish post-haste under JEF Press.

Derek Pell will do the cover.

The delay in publication is over, thankfully, because I had several advanced sales arranged.