Monthly Archives: January 2012

Othello Blues revisited

Trying to republish my revised version of Othello Blues which came out in a limited edition in the late 90s and received a very favorable critical reception.

Out of print and rewritten, Othello Blues is a speculative novel set “20 minutes into the future,” with attention paid to a kind of syncopated rhythm, in which the Othello gang — Othello, Iago, Cassio, Desdemona — have been turned into blues musicians in a broken world resembling this one. Lots of blues lyrics that I’ve conceived and, though following the original Othello trajectory, easy to read.

OD’s new publication date

OD, previously scheduled to be published this month, will be out within a month or so. It will be published by JEF Press (Journal of Experimental Fiction, which previously published The Literary Terrorism of Harold Jaffe in 2004), with cover art by Norman Conquest.


What Crisis Art?

I recently placed an article in the current (September/October 2011) issue of American Book Review called “Picketing the Zeitgeist—Harold Jaffe’s ‘Crisis Art.'” It comes from a longer piece I posted online and have re-posted it here. Look for it under Nonfiction in Pages.


The Circuitous Route to Publication

A curious thing happened. The publication of OD was to happen January, 2012, but has been delayed. Eckhard Gerdes, writer and editor of Journal of Experimental Fiction, is going to re-format and publish post-haste under JEF Press.

Derek Pell will do the cover.

The delay in publication is over, thankfully, because I had several advanced sales arranged.