Anal Acrobats

Anal Acrobats
Anal Acrobats

Here’s the announcement of my newest work Anal Acrobats.

It’s free from the Beuyscouts of Amerika, an organization formed by Fiction International contributor Norman Conquest.

Longtime fans of Fiction International may remember issue #26, Beuyscout Shock Tales. It’s one of FI’s “sold out” issues.

Norman had artwork in that issue, as he has in many issues. Now his artwork is being used on his innovative new WordPress web site.

Beuyscouts of Amerika takes as its inspiration German artist / reformist Joseph Beuys and has no connection whatsoever to the organization-that-shall-not-be-named.

You are free to sign your impressionable children up to the Beuyscouts of Amerika, of course.


Two Readings, One Town

During SDSU’s Spring Break I traveled to New York to present two readings.

For the first reading at Word Up Community Bookstore (labeled “Crisis Art”), I read my Crisis Art manifesto and “Anal Acrobats” from my essay volume in progress, Death in Texas.

For the next reading at Le Chéile (labeled “Story anti-Story”), I read “Lady Day,” from OD, along with texts from Anti-Twitter and Paris 60.

Both readings were performed with Patricia Eakins, author of The Hungry Girls and Other Stories and The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste.

The audience response was enthusiastic in each venue.

Lotus Eaters for Public Consumption

Gary Lain published a strong review of OD in The Brooklyn Rail. An excerpt:

Jaffe’s new collection is rendered with great literary skill and ingenuity; it’s also a deeply compassionate, funny, readable, and insightful look at important and influential cultural figures who sought refuge, solace, and finally escape through drugs. Never moralistic but deeply moral, OD shows us the men and women behind the mask, returning them to us as part of our own cultural legacy.