Articles about docufiction and me

English: Executions by state since 1976
English: Executions by state since 1976 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seems my docufiction “Death in Texas” (you can read it here) is receiving attention – in Texas. Texas Tech University’s New Border has published an interview with me in their latest issue, and also reprinted the docufiction.

What I can say is that I continue to write situationally. When in the late ’80s and ’90s the AIDS propaganda was targeting gay males and poor people of color, and sexuality was declared off-limits, I wrote Eros Anti-Eros, Straight Razor, and Sex for the Millennium. When, after 9/11, the US launched its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I wrote Terror-dot-Gov and False Positive. When the Internet, smart phones, and online social media became obsessive, I wrote Beyond the Techno-Cave and Anti-Twitter. In each instance, I’ve written subversively, teasing out the subtexts of official propaganda which I satirize or pastiche.

In other volumes (Mourning Crazy Horse, Othello Blues, and Mole’s Pity), I’ve tried to give voice to the variously oppressed: political prisoners, those accounted psychotic, the homeless; that is, to see the officially objectified– or made-invisible — from the subject position.

With 15 Serial Killers, I wanted to call attention to how the culture misrepresents extreme transgression both to condemn it and consume it. Find me a time day or night when there isn’t a commercial-laden TV broadcast about sharks, “terrorists” or serial killers.