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Fiction International’s Real Time / Virtual, #46, Receives a Superlative Review from New Pages.

New Pages has reviewed Fiction International #46 Real Time/Virtual, which came out in November 2013. To see this and other reviews from New Pages, visit their website.

Here is the text of the Fiction International review:

Review by Mary Florio

The journal Fiction International provokes fantastic response in its “Real Time / Virtual” edition. On the one hand, the crime fantasy of Michael Hemmingson’s “Tranquility” evokes Kafka in an astute commentary of family law in American jurisprudence: it presents content (the nature of freedom) and framework (idea of cyber-cognitive implementation of punishment). On the other hand, Robert Hamburger’s “The Michelangelo Massacre” is too convincing to be of the fantasy genre, but it is fantastic in the second sense of the word—superlative. The journal is uniformly excellent in its focus and quality of execution and exemplifies its mission to marry formal innovation and social activism.

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