KPBS Interview with Harold Jaffe on Induced Coma

Hal Jaffe will be interviewed about his new volume Induced Coma on KPBS radio (89.5) on Friday, August 19 from 12:40-1 and on public TV at a date to be announced. Tune in, turn on, but don’t quite drop out.


Sleipnir Interview with Harold Jaffe

Harold Jaffe was interviewed by Robin Andreasen of Sleipnir about his novel Othello Blues. The interview will be published in Sleipnir in Fall 2014.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Robin Andreasen: Your work in crisis art or docufiction, including incisive discussions of serial killers, prisoners, artists (the piece on Van Gogh in Anti-Twitter still haunts me), suggests that it is primarily through dialogue and engagement with the most abject, the spectral in William Spanos’ terms, that the right questions can be asked of power dynamics and moral obligation. The stakes are high in every piece you write. Rather than an abject subject, in Othello’s Blues you take on the most “auratic” of subjects, Shakespeare. Is this book a sort of interrogation of the free-floating assumptions of “canonicity” and race spanning 500 years?

Harold Jaffe:  From serial killers to Shakespeare seems a leap, but 15 Serial Killers includes texts both on the remarkable-in-his-way Dr Kevorkian and the detestable “tragic” villain Dr Kissinger, who can also double as a fool, which may lessen the gap.
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