Harold Jaffe’s Dispatches from India – November 19, 2015


Mama donkey and her foal, both beat-up looking, move deliberately
through the impossible traffic.
Sacred underfed cows and starving dogs one sees everywhere in
India, but donkeys, like horses and sheep, are seen much less

Inquiring Hindus wonder why the capitalist globe responds with
collective outrage when Paris is assaulted by alleged Muslim
terrorists, but there is virtually no response to Muslim Pakistan’s
ongoing killings of Hindus in Kashmir, or to the Sinhalese ethnocide
of Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.
The answer is that the West cannot tell the difference between dark-
skinned South Asians.
Nor do they want to.
Unless western self-interests are disrupted.
Fossil fuel in the Middle East.
Military installations and detention camps (“black sites”) in selected vicinities across the globe.
Aggression toward the West, as in 9/11, when the US responded
like a blinded giant, not knowing who attacked, but compelled to
assault something dark and Muslim which turned out to be Osama’s
Afghanistan and Saddam’s Iraq.

What happens within India when a light-skinned Brahmin is
murdered or violently assaulted?
Fervid response from all quarters.
When a dark-skinned Dalit, or untouchable, is murdered, it is not
Dalits are almost invariably darker than Brahmins.
Dalits are dark enough to be invisible.

What then of the cows and donkeys?
Hindus revere cows which are at the same time underfed, left to
wander through the maddening traffic, sleep in the cluttered streets,
scavenge garbage.
Still the penalty is severe if a cow is killed, even for food.
Murder a donkey and nobody cares.
Except for animal activists, and they are very few in number in India.

During the early 70s Henry Kissinger readily admitted that the US
“tilted” toward Pakistan because the PM of India, Indira Gandhi,
Nehru’s daughter, appeared to be playing footsie with the Soviet
Now Pakistan is the US’s enemy because of their apparent
complicity with Taliban “terror.”

Who supplied weaponry to the mujihadeen in Afghanistan during the
10-year Soviet aggression in the 1980’s?
The rabidly anti-communist US.
The Russians finally retreated with their tails between their legs.
The Mujihadeen became the Taliban using most of the same
weaponry against the US that the US supplied to their fathers and
uncles to combat the Soviet aggression.
The US has been the aggressor in Afghanistan for 15 years with
nothing to show for it except countless deaths and many billions of
dollars recklessly spent.

Wars are ritualized and unstoppable.
Racism coexists with class and caste.
We see it worldwide.
We see it in India.



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