Mutual Interview between Harold Jaffe and Terese Svoboda in Mad Hatter’s Review

Harold Jaffe and Terese Svoboda held a mutual interview for Mad Hatter’s Review in the fall of 2008 for issue 10.


So-called journalism is even more palpably fictionalized than historiography, especially in times of perceived crisis.

My “docufiction,” then, is intended to accomplish a few things: expose the pious NY Times or NY Review of Books journalists and fancy historiographers by foregrounding the fiction, while at the same time using the hybrid form to advance my own anti-institutional ideas.

As far as the “well-made” story, docufiction can be well-made on its own terms as, say, a documentary by Eisenstein or Costa-Gavras is well-made. But I also think that crisis-writing, even though it is rapidly composed and nominally addressed to a certain issue, has as much esthetic purchase as what Roland Barthes called “white writing”–texts about texts and deliberately separated from the world outside the imagining mind.

Read the full interview at Mad Hatter’s Review.


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