The Literary Terrorism of Harold Jaffe: Essays and Interviews about Harold Jaffe (2004)

Journal of Experimental Fiction 29, edited by Eckhard Gerdes: iUniverse, Inc., 2004.

Harold Jaffe’s acts of literary terrorism work to wrestle control of the future of literature away from the dominant culture. This book celebrates that effort.

Jaffe is an acute observer of the painful conditions under which we are forced to live on a daily basis. And like any harbinger of ill, he is sometimes mistaken for its creator. But he is not. He is clearing out space that has been polluted for too long. His acts of literary terrorism are acts that reclaim literature and art fiction from its cooption by fast-food-wielding advocates of disposability: what has been disposed by the dominant political culture has too often been literary artists. Those who have benefited have seldom been literary artists. Jaffe has worked brilliantly to save literature from its unwitting complicity in the elimination of readers who dare question authority.

The writing in this volume, whether by Jaffe, his former students and colleagues, or works inspired by his lead, helps blast us out of our complacency and reclaim space we should never have relinquished. Innovation and renovation are inextricably linked.

Table of Contents

    Eckhard Gerdes: Find a Seam, Plant an Interview with Harold Jaffe, Slip Away
    Michael Hemmingson: On Staging Jaffe
    Harold Jaffe: Circle Jerk
    Stephen-Paul Martin: Harold Jaffe, False Positive, FC2, 2002
    Lance 0lsen: Shock Fictions for a Culture of Derangement, or: Nine-Inch Heels in Real Reel Time
    Gary Lain: voice a deep howl, eyeshine greenish orange
    Edward Viesel: Open your eyes
    Ptim Callan: My Friends and I Were Spitting on the Lincoln Memorial One Day
    Michael Filas: Punk Jaffe
    John Edward Lawson: Techno Guerilla in the AntiSphere
    Andrew Koopmans: Queen of Hearts, California Communion, Slapstick, Towers of Babel
    Regina Kummel: False Positive by Harold Jaffe
    Trevor Dodge: Countdown
    Lucy Corin: What Happened When I Tried to Review False Positive by Harold Jaffe
    Carissa DiGiovanni: Birds on Stilts, Video-Making, and Solidarity: Activism with Harold Jaffe
    Scott Tinley: Black is Black
    Faruk Ulay: Abandon Me
    Eckhard Gerdes: Harold Jaffe. 15 Serial Killers: Docufictions

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