Interview with Norman Conquest

Norman Conquest, artist, writer, and cover designer of many of Harold Jaffe’s books was interviewed recently by poet Nin Andrews for her MEET THE PRESS COLUMN.  Among other activities, Norman is also the editor of Black Scat Books, a publisher of sublime art and literature. Read the interview with artist Norman Conquest HERE. Advertisements

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Announcing Othello Blues

Harold Jaffe’s revised futurist novel Othello Blues will be published by JEF Books in December 2013.  Please stay tuned for publication news, and browse the contents below.  Critics have said: Othello Blues is a classic. Nobody does what Jaffe does.  There are just pale imitations.                                             –Derek Pell – OTHELLO BLUES A Novel by […]

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Crisis Art

The following article was originally published as the lead essay in American Book Review in 2011; then it appeared in Revolutionary Brain (Guide Dog Books, 2012). Crisis Art This machine kills fascists –Woody Guthrie On September 5, 1981, the Welsh group that called itself “Women for Life on Earth” arrived on Greenham Common, in Berkshire, […]

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My E-Books on Kindle

Revolutionary Brain and Jesus Coyote are now available for download in Kindle format for a limited time at a reduced introductory price of $2.99 from Amazon. CLICK HERE TO ORDER REVOLUTIONARY BRAIN ON AMAZON. CLICK HERE TO ORDER JESUS COYOTE ON AMAZON.

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Review of “RB” to appear in Romanian Journal, Alecart

The following review is to appear in the Romanian literary journal, Alecart: Neuronic Revolutions: Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Brain (Liana Vrajitoru Andreasen) Have you ever wondered what foments in the brain of a revolutionary, what genetic mechanism or extra-circuits keep guard against the apathy and carelessness that numb our neurons? The newly-published book by Harold Jaffe, […]

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Interview with Harold Jaffe, Forthcoming in Rampike, September 2013.

Harold Jaffe was recently interviewed by Joe Haske of Rampike Magazine. The following is to be published in September 2013: Joe Haske:  You refer to the texts in Revolutionary Brain as “essays and quasi-essays.” I’ve read some of these texts previously in various journals where you have referred to them as “docufiction.” Could you describe your take on genre […]

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