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English: Executions by state since 1976
English: Executions by state since 1976 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seems my docufiction “Death in Texas” (you can read it here) is receiving attention – in Texas. Texas Tech University’s New Border has published an interview with me in their latest issue, and also reprinted the docufiction.

What I can say is that I continue to write situationally. When in the late ’80s and ’90s the AIDS propaganda was targeting gay males and poor people of color, and sexuality was declared off-limits, I wrote Eros Anti-Eros, Straight Razor, and Sex for the Millennium. When, after 9/11, the US launched its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I wrote Terror-dot-Gov and False Positive. When the Internet, smart phones, and online social media became obsessive, I wrote Beyond the Techno-Cave and Anti-Twitter. In each instance, I’ve written subversively, teasing out the subtexts of official propaganda which I satirize or pastiche.

In other volumes (Mourning Crazy Horse, Othello Blues, and Mole’s Pity), I’ve tried to give voice to the variously oppressed: political prisoners, those accounted psychotic, the homeless; that is, to see the officially objectified– or made-invisible — from the subject position.

With 15 Serial Killers, I wanted to call attention to how the culture misrepresents extreme transgression both to condemn it and consume it. Find me a time day or night when there isn’t a commercial-laden TV broadcast about sharks, “terrorists” or serial killers.


Anal Acrobats

Anal Acrobats
Anal Acrobats

Here’s the announcement of my newest work Anal Acrobats.

It’s free from the Beuyscouts of Amerika, an organization formed by Fiction International contributor Norman Conquest.

Longtime fans of Fiction International may remember issue #26, Beuyscout Shock Tales. It’s one of FI’s “sold out” issues.

Norman had artwork in that issue, as he has in many issues. Now his artwork is being used on his innovative new WordPress web site.

Beuyscouts of Amerika takes as its inspiration German artist / reformist Joseph Beuys and has no connection whatsoever to the organization-that-shall-not-be-named.

You are free to sign your impressionable children up to the Beuyscouts of Amerika, of course.