Eros Anti-Eros (1990)

From City Lights:

Eros collides with Anti-Eros in these menacingly comic fictions in which physical love and desire are policed by a high-tech, militarist, media-manipulated society. The calculated silences and disinformation surrounding the AIDS epidemic, the scapegoating of “deviants,” and the everyday bafflements of sensual love are intersecting themes in Jaffe’s razor-sharp parables about Eros under siege.


“Jaffe’s wild satire rips the mask off America’s perpetuated adolescence. His fictions are a wonder of deadpan humor, biting wit and visual beauty. No recent fiction has gripped me with such force and immediacy.”
— Marianne Hauser

“Disturbing, fascinating, wickedly funny. Like Kathy Acker, Jaffe addresses issues of desire through a radical esthetic fully informed by postmodernism. Jaffe has one of the most penetrating literary intelligences at work today. And one of the angriest imaginations.”
— Larry McCaffery


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