Mourning Crazy Horse (1982)

From Fiction Collective:

Twenty intersecting tales of estranged love, political oppression and the human comedy. In “Mourning Crazy Horse,” the Sioux chief’s betrayal and final passion are counterpointed with a contemporary American’s journey across the United States. “Underbelly” details the bizarre goings on of a yogi who falls in with a pornographer and his band of outcasts. “Moctezuma’s Dreamer” investigates the relationship between enforced deprivation and art, whereas “The Artificial Son” is concerned with the deprivation which promotes kinship, union. “Swede” is the first of several narratives in which Rosen the humpbacked dwarf practices social commentary on the unwary.


“In Harold Jaffe’s fiction I always sense that jolt of awareness that comes from seeing the raw need. Jaffe’s people find themselves in the wrong place for what they need, always. The don’t have words to express what they need. Jaffe gives us the words they would speak, if only they could, and he expects us to do something about it.”
–Jerry Bumpus

“Jaffe’s intense stereoscopic visions encompass a powerful and contagious sense of mystery, absurdity, and moral outrage. He has an eye for the marvelously, mythically grotesque, and an ear attuned to every ghostly voice.”
–Joe David Bellamy


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