15 Serial Killers (2003)

15 Serial Killers was released October, 2003, by Raw Dog Screaming Press. This collection of 15 stories, illustrated by Joel Lipman, exposes society’s obsession with the deviant mind.

Taking as his text Georges Bataille’s insight that “only at the extremes is there freedom,” critically acclaimed “guerrilla writer” Harold Jaffe documents Bataille’s aperçu with 15 bone-chilling illustrations. Manson, Starkweather, Speck, Son of Sam, the Night Stalker, Aileen Wuornos, the Unabomber, Dahmer, Bundy, Gacy, Kemper, Kevorkian and Kissinger are not merely present and accounted for, they are rendered into a “reality TV” that you’ve never seen before.

Widely praised as a virtuoso stylist, Jaffe employs a number of narrative stratagems, such as letters, monologues, interviews and “unsituated dialogues” to torque the flattened, cartoon-like serial killers into a potently unnerving third dimension.

Read sample chapters from 15 Serial Killers:

“With his usual brilliant blend of deadpan humor and uncanny psychological insight, Jaffe takes the likes of Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Son of Sam, and the Unabomber and transforms them from tabloid icons into complex fictional characters. What do Jeffrey Dahmer and Henry Kissinger have in common? Read this book and find out.”
— Stephen-Paul Martin

“With 15 Serial Killers Harold Jaffe continues his relentless exploration of ‘dangerous’ territory. He’s a rare literary pioneer — brave, brilliant, original. Watch your step, but follow him.”
— Derek Pell

15 Serial Killers grabs you by the head and forces you to look hard at some of the most disturbing, graphic, violent, senseless acts of our time. It offers up these gruesomes in a deadpan, darkly comic way that, damn it, makes you laugh, which is perhaps the most terrifying thing of all.”
— Claire Tristram


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