Death in Texas

I have one docufiction collection which is currently being offered to publishers: Death in Texas. Here are some of the texts contained in it.

The first essay, titled “Death in Texas” has previously been published online. It consists of final statements made by death-row inmates.

The second essay, “Revolutionary Brain,” was just posted to my website. It’s a two-part essay. Part one, Revolutionary Brain, looks at what happened to the bodies of the Red Army Faction; part two looks at the post-revolutionary consequences of the German government’s victory against the RAF.

The third essay, “Weep,” imagines men’s tears. Lots of men’s tears.

The fourth essay is titled “Sacrifice.” It invents a dialogue between an unnamed interviewer and Andrei Tarkovsky, director of The Sacrifice. Topic: Sacrifice, of course.

The fifth essay, “Russian Roo,” examines the lengths Graham Greene went to for his art, with his mostly-futile attempt to reveal the foolishness of waging war in Vietnam.

The sixth essay, “Salvation Mountain,” explores Dewey Birdsong’s monument to Jesus at Slab City.


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