Jesus Coyote (2008)

From Raw Dog Screaming Press: Jesus Coyote, a novel based on the Manson “family.”

Building on the mayhem generated by his controversial but critically acclaimed 15 Serial Killers, Jesus Coyote goes still further. Jaffe’s “docufictional” novel based on the Manson murders proves that, like Manson’s coyote totem, the myths around him continue to vibrate. In one sweeping panoramic arc, with the brutal murders at its center, Jaffe captures the perspective of Manson, his devotees, the prosecutors, the victims and their mourners — while exploding the sanctimony of institutionalized morality.”

Harold Jaffe, celebrated enemy of convenient mythologies, has re-invented Charles Manson and his “family” through a brilliantly calculated decomposition of cultural images and historical narratives. What finally emerges is an elegantly carnivalesque narrative headlining Jesus Coyote and his tribe of acolytes. Not surprising to those familiar with his previous books, Jaffe’s virtuosic novel manages to be both a richly entertaining read and a penetrating interrogation of official versions of cultural history.
— Stephen-Paul Martin


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