OD (2012)

Each of Harold Jaffe’s 16 docufictions features a well-known personage who either died of an overdose or was invested in “drugs” to the extent that they contributed to his/her death. Marilyn Monroe, Billie Holiday, Bela Lugosi, Aldous Huxley, Freud, Poe, Walter Benjamin, Lead Belly, Diane Arbus, Mark Rothko, Sonny Liston, Jim Morrison, Abbie Hoffman, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Jones, Jean Seberg, and Janis Joplin are among the featured. High culture and pop. Dead and ghostly. The narrative dance that Jaffe performs with these apparitions is unexpected, intricate, brilliant in every register.

“Jacques Derrida famously commented that ‘if mourning works, it does so only to dialectize death.’ Jaffe’s OD is a work of mourning that works. The moment of death for him sets in motion a powerfully eerie postmodern dialectic on some of the twentieth-century’s most celebrated artists and writers.”
— Jeffrey R. Di Leo

“After injecting these docufictions directly into my bloodstream, I was hooked. Who but Jaffe could reveal a synergy between Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, and Mother Teresa. OD should come with a warning: Lethal.”
— Derek Pell

“Manson. Twitter. Serial Killers. Terrorism. Sex. Like a clairvoyant and prophetic doctor, Harold Jaffe has ‘treated’ them all. With his latest book, OD, he tackles addiction, and the remedy is miraculous. One by one, Jaffe takes a buzz saw to the false crutches of contemporary culture. He succeeds spectacularly.”
— Larry Fondation


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