Sex for the Millennium (1999)

From Black Ice Books:

Sex in the year 2001?

The body pierced and tattooed with commerce.

The extremist deviations fetishized for profit.

Technology virtualizing then policing desire.

The citizenry sleeping their dreamless sleep.

With his unerring ear for dialogue, transgressive high style, deadpan comedy, and narrative velocity, Harold Jaffe elaborates his harsh millenarian prophecy while mocking it in a satire as fierce as Swift or Rabelais.

At the same time, Jaffe seeks, as always, to uncover the principle of resistance that will keep us sensitive, sexual, and critical of a culture which would otherwise neuter us.

An intricately connected series of texts, virtually a novel, these 12 “extreme tales” from guerrilla master storyteller Harold Jaffe will reverberate through our reading, infect our dreams, and bleed into our workaday.

Read sample chapters from Sex for the Millennium:


“Something’s going on here, low-key, cool, and disturbing. These subtle displacements of desire fix to your memory, and, with their humor and pathos, gnaw there a long time.”
— Samuel R. Delany

“Diverse, direct, adventurous, erudite. Sex for the Millennium is a bold exploration of extreme intimacy through many genres, voices, and rare windows. A smorgasbord of desire; I enjoyed it thoroughly.”
— Eurydice

“If you like your narratives or your sex vanilla, go somewhere else. This is pure terminal atrocity-exhibition rainbow ice.”
— Lance Olsen


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