Beyond the Techno-Cave: A Guerrilla Writer’s Guide to Post-Millennial Culture (2007)

Now sold by Starcherone Books:

Harold Jaffe’s collection of fourteen essays and docufictions range from searing indictments of the hypocrises of American power to reflections on art and technology in America, travel in Asia, and madness as a revolutionary act.

Many of Jaffe’s texts read like formally innovative narratives; others function like conceptual art, releasing meanings in the mind long after. Everywhere evident is Jaffe’s broad erudition, social commitment, and energised, elegant writing.

At a time when most American writers steer clear of direct political statement, Beyond the Techno-Cave declares, “Art is not an unmoved mover; it is, one way or another, a reflection of and response to contemporary culture and it employs the techniques and references at hand.”

Read these sample texts from Beyond the Techno-Cave:

Additionally, Locus Novus recently reprinted Suu Kyi / Giacometti in “a synthesis of text and motion, image, and sound.”


“We see then that Harold Jaffe’s latest collection embraces both the practice and theory of engaged writing with great formal range and élan, and a critical rigor and directness that reinforce previous observations of the depth of feeling of Jaffe’s own commitment.”

“Harold Jaffe, in his latest book Beyond the Techno-Cave, expands his critical commentary to include artist’s role in an anesthetized society and does so in style that has a rich, evocative clarity. The writing, purposefully lacking of fashionable literary pyrotechnics, makes up by employing a very particular rhythm, language and provocative narrative. Fourteen brutally honest texts, full of acute observations and calculated speculations, transmit Mr. Jaffe’s own brand of social anthropology.”
— Clusterflock

“At times Beyond the Techno-Cave reads like a weblog, but not just any blog — the one golden blog among heaps of blog dross, that keeps the reader paging through entries all night long.”
— Reader’s Bookwatch

Beyond the Techno-Cave is a work of non-fiction. Yet it is a work of such range and erudition that it defies simple categories. Much like a good visual artist — Rauschenberg’s Combines come to mind — Jaffe makes juxtapositions jump to life. The resistance of the very public Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the life of the very private Alberto Giacometti are not obvious connections; Jaffe makes them seamless.”
The Brooklyn Rail


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