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Revolutionary Brain and Jesus Coyote are now available for download in Kindle format for a limited time at a reduced introductory price of $2.99 from Amazon. CLICK HERE TO ORDER REVOLUTIONARY BRAIN ON AMAZON. CLICK HERE TO ORDER JESUS COYOTE ON AMAZON. Advertisements

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Dolphinlove   It is reported that the world’s second tallest man, 7-foot-9 inches, has saved the life of a nearly extinct baiji dolphin in China by reaching deep into the stomach of a sick female baiji to extract several fragments of Styrofoam.   The sickened dolphin washed ashore near the Yangtse port city of Wuhan. […]

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Abductlove An Austrian teenager held captive for eight years in a dungeon-like room on the outskirts of Vienna says her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil, was part of her life and “in a certain way” she mourned his suicide. Eighteen-year-old Krista Ludwig is reported to have wept inconsolably when told that Priklopil killed himself. After Krista Ludwig […]

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France, accepted

My 1983 novel Dos Indios will be published in France in Fall 2013 by 13e Note Editions (Paris). in 2008, Sex for the Millennium and 15 Serial Killers were published in France by Editions Cambourakis (Paris).

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Auschwitz Crumbling

OSWIECIM, Poland – As they do on every anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops, witnesses to the Holocaust will gather Sunday, older, frailer, fewer than the year before. After 68 years, the camp itself is showing its age under the pressures of time and tourism. With a budget underwritten by the state […]

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What follows is an excerpt from a work in progress, called “Orlando.” It  is the title narrative of a collection of fiction and docufiction. Enjoy.* * Please leave comments and responses, and – if so inclined – share with other fiction readers. THE PLAYERS Orlando: Performer terrorist Trieste: Performer terrorist / Disciple of Orlando Catalan Carlos: […]

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Real Time / Virtual: A Dialogue

between Harold Jaffe and Gary Lain Gary Lain: There is a line of theoretical inquiry, beginning with Debord in the 1960’s, further developed by Baudrillard, and then more recently in Virilio, addressing the degradation of the actual (or, for our purposes, the degradation of real time) in the service of the virtual. Whether viewed in […]

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Revolutionary Brain by Harold Jaffe Release date: December 6, 2012, distributed by Ingram Trade paperback: 252 pages, 7.5×9.25, $13.95, ISBN: 978-1-935738-32-9 Publicist: Jaym Gates, Guide Dog Books is proud to announce the release of Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Brain, a collection of essays and quasi-essays from one of our most brilliantly innovative provocateurs. Known for his unique […]


Articles about docufiction and me

Seems my docufiction “Death in Texas” (you can read it here) is receiving attention – in Texas. Texas Tech University’s New Border has published an interview with me in their latest issue, and also reprinted the docufiction. What I can say is that I continue to write situationally. When in the late ’80s and ’90s […]

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