Announcing Othello Blues

Harold Jaffe’s revised futurist novel Othello Blues will be published by JEF Books in December 2013.  Please stay tuned for publication news, and browse the contents below.  Critics have said: Othello Blues is a classic. Nobody does what Jaffe does.  There are just pale imitations.                                             –Derek Pell – OTHELLO BLUES A Novel by […]

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Butcher Love

What follows is an excerpt from a work in progress, called “Orlando.” Enjoy.* * Please leave comments and responses, and – if so inclined – share with other fiction readers. Butcher Love Slaughtered stock animals hang from their hooves. The SM dungeon club in the meat district on Gansevoort in Greenwich Village north is nouveau-chic. […]

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Othello Blues revisited

Trying to republish my revised version of Othello Blues which came out in a limited edition in the late 90s and received a very favorable critical reception. Out of print and rewritten, Othello Blues is a speculative novel set “20 minutes into the future,” with attention paid to a kind of syncopated rhythm, in which […]

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